Sailesh Vaghela

Digital Designer

Rendering Glint Films

  • Web design and development
  • Brand design
  • Website maintenance


  • Web design
  • App design
  • Iconography

A&A Creative Ltd.

  • Web design and development
  • Tumblr theme
  • Newsletter template

Jewel Fools

  • Official movie poster
  • Digital art

Lord of the Rings Online

  • Web design
  • Rich media campaigns
  • Newsletters

Sickick Music

  • Brand design
  • Social media

Hi, I'm Sailesh

I have over 9 years of experience in the field of digital design, generated from roles within television, tourism, video games, and an agency setting. My skill-set is very broad in that I can design and code (evidence being this website!), therefore I am an all-rounder who can easily adapt with new projects and varying client needs.

I have led design campaigns on some very successful projects, output for this would be seen on third-party websites, marketing and community websites, email campaigns, and promotional web pages. Work would include an array of items, such as; rich media banners, take over skins, newsletter templates, marketing websites, digital artwork, and so on. Some of these projects would have also facilitated the use of variable testing to see what might work best for the next project.

From the years of experience of the above I felt it was time to go freelance as a digital designer. This has led me to work with an array of clients that are prevalent in marketing technology, video games, the arts, and commercial marketing. I have thrived on delivering responsive web experiences, solid design, clever brand design, and providing great front-end knowledge. It has been a very fruitful experience and I have gained a lot from it.

My passion lies in design, user experiences, and making sure things work and go beyond user expectation. I have great enthusiasm and drive as I feel there is a lot one can achieve within the digital space, and due to the fast paced nature of how new tech and trends appear, it’s a very exciting field to be in. My aim is to dominate and be the ultimate asset, carry on learning and to become the person that people can rely upon for direction and inspiration.

I currently live in the East Midlands, UK.